Frequently Asked Questions

Who selects the products that go into the machine?

Each customer is provided a 'menu' of choices that they can use to select some or all of the products. Many of our customers rely on our many years of expertise to help select the right mix of products for them.

Can we change what's in the machine?

At any point in time you have the ability to alternate in new selections. As a service to your employees, we will also keep inventory of what's selling and what's not. The items that are slow or not selling will be replaced and new items will be tested out in their place.

How often do you come to refill the machines?

The size of your machine and the sales volume will dictate how often we visit to re-stock. Some of our larger commercial customers are restocked daily, while some smaller office break rooms might only be restocked every two weeks. At any point you can call us for a refill of your favorite products, and we will be there within 24 hours.

Can we earn a commission from our Vending Machine Sales?

Yes. Some of our customers do receive back a percentage of their sales in the form a quarterly commission. This revenue share plan is available to any sized customer. Just ask us how you can get involved.

Do we have to sign a contract?

No. Dollar Bill's Vending is a firm believer in providing Raving Fan Customer Service that creates an environment where our customers WANT to do business with us versus being forced into doing business with us. Many of our competitors do require multiple year contracts, so be careful when choosing a vendor.

Is there any cost to us?

No. The machine is provided "risk-free" and "cost-free" to you. There are no upfront, recurring or termination fees. No fees to you whatsoever.

How do we get started?

Easy. Pick up the phone and give us a call right now at (315) 935-3162 or send us an email at DollarBillVending@Gmail.com

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